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Meditaion Balls

Meditation balls are commonly used by the Chinese during their meditation exercises.  The Chinese refer to their exercise as Qigong, pronounced like "chee-gong".  This type of meditation has been used for thousands of years and the inclusion of meditation balls or Qigong balls has a long history. 

The practice of Qigong involves movement, breathing, and meditation.  You try to control your posture, regulate breathing, and mind in a combination to cultivate good health.  Using meditation balls helps you meditate in this way because you must control the hand posture and movement of the balls in your hand, and relax your mind to the rhythmic sounds of the balls. 

Besides being used for meditation, they are a good way to exercise your forearms, wrists, and fingers.  It builds up your hand dexterity and keeps the joints nimble by increasing the circulation in your hand and stretching your muscles.  Overall, they are a good accessory to help you maintain and improve your health during meditation and while sitting at your desk or couch. 

Chinese meditation balls are also a nice decoration to place on your desk.  They add a unique and interesting accent to your workspace while being functional.  Whenever you get stressed out at work, or are stuck trying to solve a problem, or just need a rest for your wrists from typing or clicking, the meditation balls can give your mind and hand a brief break by stretching out your muscles and help you concentrate to figure out how to solve the problem. 

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